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This book centers on the reality of how our God has never changed and is still in the business of saving people no matter how far gone they are. This starts with the title being my [Greg] dad's birthday and unfolds as to how I was first called into ministry. It eventually leads to how often the people of God's church have little to no direction based on the erroneous or lack of teaching altogether. This small book will very well help most people to gain a much better understanding as to how to live once they are already God's people. After seventeen years of not seeing each other, Sue and I began a life that was much more difficult than necessary based on [our] lack of good teaching also. It has become obvious to both of us [as well as our editor] that we could never have been brought together by any other means than by God's power exclusively. As is written in this book, Sue and I were separated for 17 years and once we were together again for another 25, we then met our editor. Now, we are currently seeking God's full direction and because of people just like us setting a good example by teaching the church what they really need to know, we are changing the lives of those around us.
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1/30/27 - Greg Bell

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We do own space...a higher realm above the devils pitiful spots in space...a spiritual realm in Jesus name to command all....

Susan Elliott Bell

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A devotion to the only One who could have made this entire book possible: Jesus Christ. The title is my dad's birthday, a written account and confirmation of The Living God calling me to bring my dad into a genuine, organic - bodily relationship with God. My Savior has brought this text forward within me, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, over the past 34 years.

Without the One, I could have no perspective to understand the natural unfolding of dad’s life. That [He] made this come to pass is nothing any sane believer would question. Having said that, I had to be made part of this because God uses His people to make the difference in those who are not yet His. This is the first role of The Spirit, in this earthly world, as summoned by Jesus on the Day of Pentecost. As the scripture states: our God is Spirit, and we know any spirit can only be manifest in the physical, so as to be seen. The Spirit has to be in someone in order to carry out His second role - to fully affect the lives of those flourishing in Christ. Yes, the Spirit of God has many other roles, but these are the first two that most believers are aware of.

I want to also thank my lovely wife Susan, a support and witness through my dad's journey, for all 23 years of our marriage. She and I with God’s presence, loved, led and prayed for both of my parents until mom left to be with the Lord [1/30/07] on dad's 80th birthday. That day left my dad open to the One, eventually allowing him to live 4+ years following my mom’s departure. When he was first saved, like any new believer, he knew not how to walk, act, speak or even think.

The third role of The Spirit in the body is making disciples of all men. My dad had grown increasingly dependent upon my mom during his later years. Her death opened the door for him to be discipled (disciplined). The Holy Spirit accomplished this task through me, and fellow travelers in Christ. The next four years were difficult, testing and in many respects equal to my awakening in 1977. My growth was his growth and his growth was my growth. 29 years is a long time to pray for someone and I viscerally feel its true value, as heaven rejoiced when dad was saved.

As this manuscript unfolds, the reader should well appreciate that this story is more than a tale of reconciliation between a father and one of his sons. My physical and emotional survival was in itself, a blessing and miracle in Christ. I have experienced a tumultuous trans-generational and dysfunctional family, intractable health challenges, multiple accidents and near death experiences, the untimely death of my beloved older brother, divorce, drug addiction and estrangement from my own children, siblings, disinheritance and financial ruin. Yet, I was the one God chose and blessed to teach my dad how to pray and know the word. That I would then disciple him and bring him before God, as a pure soul - by the power of God within me, is beyond human comprehension. This book may seem out of order, but that is how my life really was - out of order and in chaos, so stay focused and you will benefit immensely.

The calling on my life is exactly what God knew had to happen. I'm eternally grateful He chose me for this task and other tasks that lie ahead. This may be a long introduction, but as you read, keep in mind that God loves you and Jesus is Lord of all that call upon Him.

3 troubling ancestors and a checkered past

In Cleveland, Ohio on January 30th, 1927 my dad was born to Michael and Adeline Bell. He was an only child, living his first 12 years between his birthplace and Pittston, Pennsylvania. After dad and my grandparents moved to Pittston, they settled on a farm shared with dad’s uncle. As with many in that era, the family of 3, had more than enough challenge just staying alive. I am sure they did not want any more children for that reason.

I learned my grandfather was a very self-disciplined man and mechanically mastered most things