Life After Lightning

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Life After Lightning

Length: 204 pages3 hours


Author Beth Peterson's debut work Life after Lightning details her miraculous journey of spiritual and self discovery. After surviving not only one, but two separate lightning strikes she found herself facing severe physical, mental, and emotional damage. Given the choice to remain in the peaceful afterlife free from pain and suffering, or return to Earth and confront her inevitable struggles, Peterson bravely chose to come back and share her experiences and wisdom with others.

In this series of motivational essays and poignant poetry Peterson offers advice and insight on topics such as family and what it means to be a mother, daughter, and sister; the trials of personal loss and joys of spiritual recovery; and lessons on discovering true meaning and direction in life. Readers will find useful ideas on how to overcome internal turmoil and adversity and ultimately identify their own meant to be path, as well as how to cope with various setbacks along their way. Life after Lightning is not a how-to manual for surviving a freak natural accident, but rather an instructional tool on living life to its fullest, overcoming odds, and emerging wiser and better prepared to embark on a meaningful life journey.

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