Conversations with You is a condensed version of A Course in Miracles ® (the Course) ISBN 0-670-86975-9, written in the first person and eliminating gender references. It extracts the essence of the Course and presents a format that encourages inner reflection.

There have been an untold number of religions and ways to relate to God. Many of them have intermediaries as conduits to God. The most extreme forms we call cults. Less extreme forms we call Church. The best and most accepted forms help us have a direct relationship with a Higher Power that works in our life. This Higher Power is something that we can talk directly to and who gives us faith that our prayers are heard and that answers will come in various forms.

Our minds are selfish and destructive without a Loving Force guiding and directing them. We need something to believe in that washes away fear and gives hope of good in a world where so much seems bad.

The Course is a tool which can be used to relate to and better understand a Higher Power and True Reality. It is arranged in three sections: Text (T); Student Guide (SG); Teachers’ Manual (TM). This book has integrated these sections within the 365 Lessons of the Student Guide.

The Course is intended to train the mind to live in the Now. It focuses on what is in front of us in Reality versus the illusion of everyday life and man-made theatre. It treats ego as the liar behind our sense perception and Truth as a Larger Source a Larger Force beyond senses.

This Daily Reader presents the essence of the Course providing the opportunity for you to experience a Reality that really works in the expression of Love and Service.
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