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The First Ladies Of East Africa

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For most of us, we see the president’s wife as just a member of the President’s family. However, when we look deeper, these women who stand beside their husbands can be the making or the unmaking of our nations. A way-ward man can be tamed by a woman who he knows is his wife. Some policies are generated in the president’s bedrooms and end up in cabinet rooms to become national policies! Perhaps the most valued question a first lady should have is what her services would have done to society before the exit of her husband from office. The position of a first lady gives a despairing people the hope of the strength of family life. Her face should feature love, peace and hope. The husband on the other hand is a dealer in hard core issues, he cannot be the face of hope only, and sometimes he is the face of despair. The man president sometimes has so much blood in his hands he cannot be the face of hope. A Mother-First-Lady is the face of her country in the future!

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