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Length: 267 pages3 hours


It is 1889. Berlin is ruled by a society that is benevolent towards those who obey its orders, but ruthless against those who disagree. A new leader emerges. His powers are almost impossible to resist.

Walter Busch and Charlotte Schaefer want a peaceful life together. Suddenly they find that they are enemies of the state, forced to live as outcasts, shunned by others.

There are, however, rebels who are determined to fight the new rulers, and a dangerous countess seeking revenge...

The dark, dystopian story of an alternative Berlin dominated by magic, oppression and rebellion.

"I recommend this novel for those who wonder where the “Punk” part of “Steampunk” has gone. Here it is, dancing through the streets with circus performers and a clockwork bear." Penny J. Merriweather, Gearhearts Steampunk Review

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