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Based on a true story, Eight Weeks in May is a docu-erotica account concerning the manipulative struggles regarding the intricate maneuvers required to survive the legal system in early twenty-first century America, each move carefully calculated, anticipated, and remarkably predictable; predictable like balancing a chemical Redox (reductionoxidation) equation in a university inorganic chemistry laboratory. Sometimes, though, and always when least expected, the unpredictable happens. Unusually unpredictable is the unstable connection between two courtroom participants, much like reactants in a chemical equation, that when combined produce volatile expectations. A pathway toward erotic fantasies turned realities form as one outlandish scheme bridges into the next, each one building on the last, that terminate with electric and detonating results. Gwendolyn, the former Washington DC microbiologist, whose employs expanded into the federal levels finds herself in a situation where she is misunderstood, wrongly accused of debilitatingly mental illnesses, abandoned, and can’t seem to get her bearings straight as she is forced into a position of persuading her most precious of causes; Rob, on the other hand is a district attorney, whose obscured sickingly sweet demeanor and occasional horn-dog tendencies finally catches up to his own exploits, that when the chemical equation called Rob and Gwendolyn finally combine, the most volatile, magnetic, unpredictable and electrical results ever expected are yielded producing the most erotic equation ever known in existence. Inspired by state of Florida, Pinellas County, state’s attorney assistant Rob Hauser, III, who stalked Gwendolyn for over one year.

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