The “Holidays in Farmland” continues the fairy tale of “Christmas in Rabbitland”. Our rabbits: Teacher and Carpenter, Artist and Tailor, Baker and Writer, Shoemaker and Musician start their journey to introduce a new characters and their professions to our young reader.
The fairy tale “Holidays in Farmalnd” is focused on the development of the personality and on the early stages of a child`s coming-of-age. This fable forms the world of the young reader, helps to meet with the professions and have a positive view of the main activities and work. " Holidays in Farmalnd " has the positive direction because it creates and instills proper standards of social behavior, developed by centuries. Children learn how to behave at home, on the street and away, how to make friends, to respect our neighbor, to welcome guests. Let this story help children in the future to find their way in life journey.
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