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When Faith Becomes Unique - Lynda Turner

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When does faith become unique? Faith becomes unique when God speaks to us (myself and my husband Austin) and God says, I'm going to heal them right now.

Maria, a 58 year old South American woman had been deaf in her right ear since she was five years old from a disease that destroyed her ear drum.

God said, Tell her I'm going to heal her, and right then God created a new ear drum and for the first time in 53 years Maria could hear in her right ear.

She fell to her knees and began to worship the Lord with thanks and praise.

We pray when God says to ask Him to heal, we believeHe will heal and He heals.

• God healed Janie's 65% clogged artery to a 100% complete free flowing artery. Doctors were amazed!

• God completely healed Joe from macular degeneration, clear vision!

• God healed Charlotte's broken neck, no longer broken!

God says in His Word, It is the Lord God that healeth thee. Exodus 15:26."

God allows challenges to come to us to build our faith, strengthen our character, straighten our walk and redefine our courage!

• We desire the mind of Christ, and the heart of Christ.

• We desire SOULS to be won for God by our obedience to go and speak to them as He directs! God does the rest!

Many years ago we told God, We'll do anything you ask us to do. And He has required a lot!

• We human beings are stubborn

• We deny that we want our own way

• We deny we prefer the comfort zone

• We go right ahead and run our own lives and make our own decisions without asking God what is His Will

The salvation and deliverance experiences we've been a part of are just as exciting as the healings because God asks us to go to people that might never step foot in a church or who have been running from Him for a long time. He sends us to tell them, God sent us as part of your rescue.

Then God steps in and transforms a broken heart to a believing heart, when they find out how much He loves them through His Son Jesus Christ and His blood that He shed willingly and lovingly for them on the Cross.

Ask God to come and have His way with you, to turn your heart and mind to Him first and then to His perfect will in Jesus Name, Amen. He'll do it if you ask Him to.

This little book, When Faith Becomes Unique is packed full of real life testimonies to give God Glory and to encourage you to begin collecting golden crowns to lay at the foot of Jesus! Let your faith become unique! Maybe it already is!

Austin and Lynda Turner

Chapter 1

Inoperable Brain Tumor!

Austin’s Mom called from Arkansas with a genuine concern in her voice. She said she'd met a new friend at her apartment complex whose 11 year old grandson was in the hospital and very ill. Austin's Mom said, Son, I know if you pray for him, God will heal him. I have faith.

Baxter had been ill for 7 years with a tumor pressing on his brain which the doctors said was inoperable. The Lord spoke to Austin immediately and said, I'm going to heal Baxter. One of the attributes of faith is believing God. Mom has great faith! We have great faith! We believed because God said He would heal! Mom told us that Baxter's grandmother was at the hospital that day with Baxter. God told Austin to call the grandmother and speak to her first about praying for her grandson and then speak to Baxter. Mom gave us the number and Austin called. Austin asked Baxter if he knows Jesus as his Savior. Baxter replied, Oh yes sir.

Austin told Baxter, God said He's going to heal you Baxter. God says when you wake up in the morning the tumor will be completely gone and you'll be going home tomorrow completely well. Baxter was delighted to hear this.

The next day Austin's Mom called us to say that Baxter's grandmother called her to report that Baxter went home from the hospital completely healed just as God said he would. The doctors said the tumor was gone.

Something else Baxter's doctors said, "It truly is a miracle