The Price of Deception

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The Price of Deception

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The Legacy Series: Book Two continues the story of The Price of Deception - Five years after releasing the love of his life to another man, Duke Robert Holland struggles with deep remorse about his past decisions. Chained in a loveless marriage of convenience and strangled by duty, he wallows in regret and drink. Everything in his life changes, when on holiday in Paris, he meets a young boy and his former rival. Suddenly, he finds himself thrown into a whirlwind of deceit and lies as he searches for the meaning of truth and love. Just like innocence, deception carries a price. Book Two of the Legacy Series weaves a tangled web of deceit and dire consequences, which in the end rearranges everyone’s life on a path of either good or evil. The Price of Deception continues where The Price of Innocence left off, leading its readers on a surprising tale of intrigue and romance.

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