The Last True Blood

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The Last True Blood

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Mallika has been cursed since before she existed, doomed to achieve victory in a battle predestined for her before her mortal body ever graced the planet, and she couldn’t be further from her natural place in society. An average orphan fisher girl roaming the streets of Delhi aimlessly scrounging for the bare necessities, it is on a catastrophic night in 1749 on the shipping docks that she realises something isn’t quite right. The original Dracula is on the hunt, but not on his daily rounds, for something far more sinister. Though Dracula has existed since the dawn of time, the Enchanted Texts have forewarned him of the need for The Vampire Queen to ensure his success.

Her brothers, Adrinius and Zacchaeus have decided to wage war in the place they first reared their venomous independence, in the ancient Puritan civilization, current day Boston Massachusetts. Now 2010, Mallika must defeat her brothers in their murderous rampage the way her father and uncle would have wanted. Although she has a compatriot in the most amazing form, a werewolf, neither she or the werewolf is aware of it. Dracula has warned his daughter of the dangers of werewolves, vampires’ natural predators, as being the only creatures on Earth that can annihilate a vampire within seconds. When in their natural forms, nothing is more imperative than obliterating the other.

Her brothers’ extreme power and their age make them formidable opponents. Along the way, she meets Levi, and they have an instant undeniable attraction. Mallika tries to control her dangerous urges at wanting to transform him, reprimanding herself on the dangers of mortal and vampire relations, but something is not quite human about Levi Hemming-Woods. Is Levi really on her side, or has he been placed in Mallika’s life for a more ominous purpose by her brothers?

The Last True Blood tracks Mallika’s fight for justice even when torn with family sentiments for her blood brothers, her undeniable spirit in completing her duty as set forth by her father, and her unquenchable desire for love with a boy called Levi, even when she believes it may be wrong.

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