The Cajun Cowdog: 15 Cowboy Stories for Adults

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The Cajun Cowdog: 15 Cowboy Stories for Adults

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THE CAJUN COWDOG:15 COWBOYS FOR ADULTS is a collection of 15 of Stan Paregien's best cowboy stories. They are "for adults" only in the sense that the stories are probably above the reading levels of most children under 12 years of age. These 15 stories are just a few of the stories which he has written and performed, starting in 1991. This eBook contains such storytelling jewels as "What Dead Cowboys Do," "My Most Unforgettable Christmas," "The Story of Juan Cordova," "The Angel & the Bad Man," "The Urge to Kill," "Romeo & Juliet: Cowboy Style," "Cowboys & Parrots Don't Mix," "How One Cowboy Got Rich," and the laugh generating story chosen for the title of this eBook, "The Cajun Cowdog."

Stan Paregien is an award-winning writer who has told his stories at everything from elementary schools and Lions Clubs to large Western festivals. His storytelling travels have taken him from Springdale, Arkansas to Santa Clarita, California and from Lubbock, Texas to Great Falls, Montana and many places in between. He perform almost every year for twenty years at the National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration in Lubbock, one of the largest Western festivals in the U.S.

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