Life's Beauties

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Life's Beauties

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The first collection of poetry from Dakotah Henderson, a young student and aspiring author. As you read along, allow the poems to take you on a journey through the emotions and experiences of two young lovers.

Dakotah is an 18-year-old amateur poet whose passion for literature and poetry began when he wrote his first free-verse in sixth grade. Since then, he has amassed a collection of well over 130 poems, most of which are free-verse. He holds a deep appreciation for nature and enjoys describing human emotion in its most raw and pure forms. Some of his poetry hints toward his free spirituality, which tends to be unhindered and based mostly on Buddhist philosophy.
The young author also enjoys listening to music, spending time with his girlfriend and close friends, meditating, and drinking his weight in coffee (a new passion of his).

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