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Men Hurt Too!

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On a whole, society expects men to live as leaders, the ones respectfully etching out paths for their families to follow. Demands bombard them daily, and as problem solvers, they must find solutions. How can they successfully serve as protectors, guides and leaders of their families when they have intense ailments in their souls they are encouraged to bury? They hear instructions such as “take it like a man,” “don’t be a sissy” and “never let them see you cry.” These instructions sound valiant; however, they build fortified walls within men.

In this book, the author takes an inside look at men. Men from different walks of life share their thoughts and feelings about topics that are taboo. They express their opinions about addictions, fear of commitment, infidelity, homosexuality, incarcerations, physical and mental abuse, molestation, anger, etc. They realize the first step in living free is admitting the problem. The second step is discussing it.

Men, this book is from you, spoken about you, in order to help you. Give yourself permission to heal. Explore the pages of Men Hurt Too!

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