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J2C Alert!

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Y2K Alert came as we crossed over from 1999 to 2000, and whimpered out as mankind was unscathed, realizing that billions were spent upgrading the systems, perhaps unnecessarily.

What is not known to billions, and not taken seriously by the same number is the impending "J2C Alert!", declaring the awesome, terrifying, majestic `Second Coming of Jesus Christ' as Judge and Commander of God's Army to judge the evil of the world. As trumpets blare and the sound of God's arrival hits the Earth, all of Creation will in total chaos and men and women will flee for their lives, hiding behind rocks and crevices, pits and drains, similar to how insects scatter when we enter a room.

If we receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, we will be taken up and raptured before this awesome terrifying Day of Judgment. We will lifted up in the skies to be with God Almighty.

Those who are left behind will suffer a tragic time of suffering as never ever suffered before, under the temporary rule of the Evil One..

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