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How To Kill Your Doctor For Fun And Profit

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Congress implemented the "Affordable Health Care Act" based on Electronic Medical Records. They immediately tried to exclude themselves from participation. This is the story of the murder of one great doctor that started with the Clintons and continued with Obama's "Affordable Health Care Act." Congress clearly knew the negative consequences these health care legislations would have tried to protect themselves and their families by excluding themselves from this mandate; but not you! Not only did they succeed in killing Dr Magnifico but hundreds of other doctors will die soon. Unlike Marie Antoinette, congress has yet to be Guillotined. This story is written for doctors to help them understand the impact of ObamaCare, especially its EHR (electronic health records) implementation. This is a factual description of AHC's impact on doctors based upon meeting with doctors, emails shared and stories gathered from the facebook page "EMR TERRORISM", created to help educate doctors.

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