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Of places like Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Inca and Mayan Temples, Nazca lines, it’s the Hawaiian Heiau, which yields the most knowledge from their study. The Archaeoastronomy found on O’Ahu is spectacular. “To describe the beauty in the symmetry of O‘Ahu’s Heiau Template and how the site experts, the Kahuna Kuhi Kuhi Puuone, who designed the system is like trying to describe the Big Chip in the celestial heavens. The one God used in His computer to design the Earth.” The Secret of the Heiau” is a wealth of Native BeliefsIt is so awesome, how Hawaiians had the mathematical and technical ability to build the O’Ahu Template of Places of Worship known as Heiau. They were first class surveyors with the highest degree of competence. Students of Hawaii Studies are the ones to complete the big picture of archaeoastronomy in Hawaii. This book is intended for the upper high school and college students and really anyone interested in Hawaiiana. This is a novel Archaeoas'rono'my in Hawaii primer. To be hip about Hawaii, this book needs to be read and understood.Early Polynesian Wayfarers used navigational stars to guide them across the Pacific. Travel from Tahiti and Bora Bora used specific navigational stars to sail to Hawaii. Once landed in Hawaii, navigational stars not needed for navigation any more, were turned into calendar stars. Monuments were built to honor their rising and setting places. This knowledge is etched in stone in that Heiau were built on straight ley lines to one another and significant landforms so this knowledge would never be lost.
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