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Kingdom Infinitum: The 7 Gates to Greatness

331 pages5 hours


An odyssey from the deep shadows of ignorance to the light of knowledge and the search for the truly Beautiful.

Hikaru, a humble teacher and a fearsome Samurai warrior from a small village in the mountains of Japan, yearns for knowledge. But his hunt for the Great Master from whom he hopes to learn to become a great teacher will bring him face to face with beings out of legend and take him to places and worlds he could never have imagined.

A tale of the struggle between good and evil; of Angels and Jinn, and Man in between. We walk with Hikaru as he takes a path that will lead him to the love of his life, through deadly perils, epic battles, and enlightening discoveries. And we learn with him as he draws ever nearer the Truth and finds the Kingdom Infinitum.

The lost Kingdom of Solomon with its secrets knowledge and technologies were hidden for thousands of years protected by angel sentries. The fate of humanity and other worlds is in the hand of that who finds the seven secrets of the Kingdom Infinitum.

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