You were born to be the best of you; otherwise, you wouldn’t have been born at all. Your Creator has more important things to do than creating wasted humans that will fail Him in accomplishing the best He had set for them and had prepared for them even before the foundation of the world. To now see that in today’s world only less than 10 percent of us actually attain the best of us not only saddens me, but it creates in me a heavy burden and an agonizing pain far beyond the one that any word can describe. I am a work in progress myself. I have messed up so much and failed so many times that I have even stopped counting. This book narrates all the areas of my life where I have failed and what I would have done differently to bring out the best of me. This book gives you all the practical ways of becoming the best of you. It is a ten-volume series designed and written to help you become the best, and nothing but the best.
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