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Ode to the New Human

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...any Human can potentially become Master of the Spirit realm, but no spirit can ever become Master of the Human realm... With these words from Tikalos, the Arcturian elder, Naemis is once again reminded of just how insignificant she is in the scheme of the Cosmos, yet how magnificent her work has been with her twin soul Simean.
Having agreed to be part of the New Human experiment, the pair takes on different roles on opposite sides of the Veil as the grander scheme unveils, all the while being aided and mentored by their healing expert friends on Arcturus.
In this 3-part story, we see how the female soul Naemis is incarnated as a male orthopaedic surgeon on Earth, how Simean is being prepared, on Arcturus, for his maiden incarnation as Human and all the while, how the dynamics between the twins play out on the opposite sides of the Veil.
We will also experience the overarching presence of the mighty angel Sedim, who introduces us to the Temple of Human, a sacred tribute to Earth in the spirit realm, and facilitates much of the learning as the brave souls take part in the unveiling of the future chapters of the Human history.
Why is Earth such a special place? What is the function of the Temple of Human? What is the “New Human” and how are they supposed to help with Earth’s evolution? Will the twins recognise and work with each other successfully on the different sides of the Veil?
Being incarnated on Earth, it seems much of it is not as it seems, except that we should all be proud to be Human.

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