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Simon Cinch and his Possibles Sack.

Length: 6 pages4 minutes


Simon Cinch is a young ferret who comes from a large extended family. His greatest joy comes from playing with his treasures. He hides them away from his curious siblings in a secret hideout located behind a waterfall. Each adventure begins with Simon asking to go play in the forest. He carefully makes his way to his secret hideout making sure not to be followed. Upon arrival, Simon discovers his treasure to be incomplete. He packs his possibles sack with useful things and ventures into the woods. Simon is a helpful ferret and undoubtedly he finds a solution to each of his woodland friends’ problems in his possible sack. His friends give him keepsakes and artifacts of their own as a gift to Simon for all his help. Each story has a climax and a villain, but Simon uses the newly acquired items given to him by his friends to outwit and thwart his captor’s efforts.

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