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Plague Sally

Length: 320 pages5 hours


Sally, of the Brigantes tribe, is renowned for her miraculous healing skills. At the same time, she is feared and misunderstood and accused of witchcraft. When she becomes ill with Plague then manages to cure herself, she is forced to flee from their madness.

During a storm, she meets Tom, of the Pictii tribe, who helps her to survive. Sally does not know it yet, but although she has recovered and is now immune to the disease, she has become a carrier of the plague. By the time she realizes it, Tom is infected. She puts the completion her intended journey on hold and distills a cure potion to treat him with, hoping it will work. Thankfully it does. As Tom recovers, she realizes she is making others ill with her presence, and decides to take passage to Ireland, to a less populated area and protect her new friends from possible infection. Unfortunately, the disease is also rife there. Witchcraft or not, her services are sorely needed at the court of the High King at Tara, in the hopes that she will be able to cure him and save herself at the same time.

About the Author: Paul McDermott

Born in the Year of the Tiger, Paul's natural curiosity combined with the deep-seated feline need to roam has meant that over the years he's never been able to call any one place home. His wanderlust has led him from one town to another, and even from one country to another.

He has always followed his instincts without question or complaint, and in true cat fashion it seems he has always landed on his feet.

"I can't remember a time when I didn't write - my father claims to possess a story I wrote when I was six, which filled 4 standard school exercise books! What I do remember from that time was being told off for doing the Liverpool Echo crossword before he got home from work! Perhaps it was the catalyst of breathing the same air as Hans Christian Andersen. While I was living in Denmark, I allowed myself to be persuaded to write for a purpose in-stead of purely for my own amusement."

Paul recently released the first volume of a planned Trilogy, Mystery/Romance set in Ireland, "The Chapel of Her Dreams" [also with Whimsical Publications, under the name Paul Freeman]. Other works currently seeking an outlet include a couple of plays and a WWII sub-hunt thriller ... and a Rock Musical intended for children.

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