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Secrets of a Ghost's Diary

Length: 110 pages1 hour


Keeping a secret is like having an active volcano inside. It's only a matter of time.
Every summer Carson settles into the island routine at his grandparents' lighthouse, but this summer is different. Lured by a rumor that the lighthouse is haunted, Carson begins an investigation with his friend Levi and cousin Emma. Soon, they encounter the ghost. Hand-picked by the ghost to guard a diary from the 1800s, the trio begins investigating the old entries. Along the way, every uncovered secret produces more questions. But they aren't the only ones on a quest for answers. After the final diary entry is stolen, they learn it contains the answer to why the ghost has been haunting them. What if it's too late? What will the trio risk to reclaim the secret to their destiny?
Author and Novelist Dawn Marie Clifton, has created a fresh style in the mystery genre for kids and tweens. Readers who enjoy a range from humor to thrilling suspense, are in for a treat!

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