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The Sim Diary

Length: 15 pages6 minutes


'The Sim Diary’ is a humorous short story that gives the reader a peek into the world of a playable video game character. The story begins with Sarah rummaging around her attic, finding an old video game case covered in year’s worth of dust. Upon opening the case she unearths some scraps of paper covered in computer code. After successfully deciphering the computer code, Sarah is shocked to find a diary which documents a character’s life within a video game she had long since forgotten.
The nameless character’s diary begins positively enough as the character is excited about being moved into a new house with other ‘people’. However, a series of unfortunate incidents that the reader may be somewhat familiar with befalls the little man until he is eventually left alone in his virtual home. The box on the video game is ultimately closed for good, and the little man is left to wander around his virtual desert. His tragic yet comical story is left undiscovered before Sarah finds the virtual diary. The influence for 'The Sim Diary' was found of course through playing a famous, not to mention addictive, computer game in years gone by.

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