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You Are Worthy Too: Angels, Answers, Signs and Wonders

Length: 115 pages2 hours


When God gave me the title to this book, I questioned if I had enough stories to fill it. To my amazement I did. While I wrote this book in hopes of strengthening the faith of all who read it, I found my own faith strengthened as well. I love all the ways God can cause you to grow.

This book is a collection of true life stories regarding happenings in my life. I am convinced that it will help who it is meant to help for it has been the hardest series of events I have ever written. I had to go to God more than once for help and encouragement as well as strength to get the job He put before me accomplished. As the title depicts, each story involves either an angel or an army of them, answered prayers in undeniable ways, signs so big, I considered them bill boards or something I would classify as a wonder due to the way in which things came to be. As I wrote each story, I fell back to when I lived them. I pray you find yourself caught up in the wonder of each moment as they unfold. I read each story myself over four times before it made it to the publishing process. Usually when you read something more than once, it loses its luster. I honestly believe I could never tire of these stories no matter how many times I read them myself. I believe it is because they leave little room for doubt that the Father always has you and the closer you draw to Him, the more you will see Him showing up in your life!

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