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This book details the true stories of the author’s and her husband’s many dogs and cats—from Lizzie, who loved to be dressed up as a witch and give out Halloween treats--to Lucky, whose life was saved just in time--to Anton, who survived distemper, a disease that kills many dogs and cats.

All of the animals featured in this book came from animal rescue groups and shelters, with most of them coming from out-of-state kill shelters. For the most part, these animals had problematic behaviors, and were adults, except for the two puppies, Lucky and Anton.

Some of these animals growled as their main form of communication to both humans and dogs alike and many of the male dogs marked or were incontinent indoors. Most of the animals needed obedience and leash training, and some dogs exhibited aggression over food, toys, and space.

The growling, marking, lack of obedience to basic commands, absence of leash training, and aggressive tendencies all had made these otherwise good-natured animals unattractive to potential and first-time adopters.

Another issue that surfaced was the fact that black animals are often overlooked or even avoided by adopters. The chapter, entitled “Ashley, the Black Dog,” addresses this unfortunate and widespread prejudice toward black dogs and cats.

The author found that it was extremely rewarding to adopt rescue dogs. Although they were difficult at times, she found them to be interesting, challenging, and loveable. She also felt that they had taught her a lot about how to handle dogs with their particular problems.

The author also loved adopting the less complicated dogs—the ones who just eat, play, sleep, and lick your hand—like Ashley, Lucky, Pooky, and Gumby. These dogs may not have been the most intelligent dogs, but because of their gentle natures, they got along well with, and balanced out, the author’s more difficult and aggressive dogs.
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