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"THOUGHTS IN RHYMN" Is a collection of poems written over a long period of time. Each poem concieved and written individually. Each having its own substance and meaning. Thier contents are the product of my thoughts and feelings experienced at the time of thier conception. You will find humor, romance, nature, sadness, feelings of accomplishment, dissapointment. More than likely all the feelings one experiences in a lifetime. Each poem has its own story and its effect will vary. The intent in writting these poems was to express my feelings, not to alter the readers. Although, I do hope they bring enjoyment to all that read them.
Acknowledgement goes to friends and family who contributed to my experiences, knowingly or not.
Thankyou, JoAnn Crocker DeGailler, Gina Perfetti, Linda Moore, Pat Fritz for encouragement.
A special thankyou To my friend Silvia Martinez for her patience and time helping me publish this writting
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ISBN: 9781499003147
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