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At fourteen, he was curious, yet quiet and shy. His biggest fear would have to be math quizzes, and he knew that Bill would always be his best friend. To him: Diane was the most beautiful woman in the universe. He could not imagine loving anyone else. Three things he knew would last forever were those.

While remembering long ago, thoughts of one day getting married to Diane, having children, cooking out in the street on Sundays for the whole block to attend. In his youth, this is how he saw his life play out. That was until he met his worst fear face to face.

General Loat would then spend the rest of his life running from that nightmare all the while throughout the universe his name would stand alone as the most wanted man alive.

Treachery lies and murder were the main course, but those three were not his favorite things. Yet the Universal Judgment Committee hunted him by forcing themselves upon him in such a horrific way as though one had just eaten a fowl meal that would eventually leave a bad taste in his mouth all the while with him sitting in the middle of this precipice knowing he only had one option. Stay alive.

No matter what he tried, no matter how hard he fought nothing would help to remove the stain tattooed upon his taste buds.

This was not what he wanted. This was not what he deserved. ‘This is’ what he was thrown into, this is what he was forced to do and he knew that in order for the universe to see peace once more, one of two things had to happen.
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