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Drowning in medical debt, Jayne Flynn is an indentured servant to the I.V. Scissor King, a rogue scientist who threatens the purity of the human race. The doc uses a rare catfish DNA to change his subjects into Human Electric Cave Catfish, or HECC for short. Deep inside Snake’s Rock: Exotic Petshop, Jayne is required to monitor the huge upright tanks that house the kidnapped individuals—including Hope, who has caught his eye. Unable to stop what happens to the other test subjects, Jayne knows he must somehow save Hope or die trying.

As Jayne struggles with his own physical changes, he discovers his heart has also changed. He not only wants a home for himself, but for the others like him who are no longer considered human in the twenty-first century. Their biggest desire is the freedom to live and thrive within a world that refuses to accept them with their gills and tails.

Since Hope can no longer walk, her love for Jayne is clouded by her jealousy; Jayne has the gills but lacks the tails. Those that struggle with bigotry could bring about the Human Electric Cave Catfish’s destruction, but all Hope can think about is awakening from her coma with Jayne’s lips pressing against hers. Despite the humans’ ban against Human Electric Cave Catfish relationships, do they dare fall in love?
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781491730256
List price: $9.99
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