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Hawkdove-Afghanistan, 11 December 2012

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After a helicopter flying the U.S. Secretary of State crashes in early December 2012 during a “beyond secret” mission in eastern Afghanistan, Army Lt. Michelle “Hawkdove” Paris must keep her alive and out of enemy hands until they can be rescued from hostile territory.
This is not what happened, according to the brave women and men who survived it and government sources with top secret access who have denied it. None of the places where it happened in eastern Afghanistan on 11 December 2012 are real either. The names of certain persons and unit names are true in some cases (160th SOAR) and deliberately obscured in almost all others to protect the brave men and women who survived these events, and all of the sources who have denied them on the record.
The highest diplomatic official in the U.S. Government and all other persons who were injured during it have recovered. The dead were honored, although the precise details of their passing have never been released or acknowledged.
Until now.

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