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Just Do Me A Favor

170 pages2 hours


Doing a friend a favor isn’t supposed to risk life and limb, but that’s what happens when millionaire Baxter Benton asks his old pal Leto Macellum for one. Within six hours Leto has nearly been blown up, beaten up, shot (twice), and Baxter has vanished into the Florida sunshine. Will this be a favor that costs Leto his life?
Also put at risk is Baxter Benton’s driver/bodyguard Cinnabar, an angry, tough, pretty, and scarred veteran who finds herself thrown in with Leto. Both of them are put on the run from the law, mercenaries, and even Baxter’s most recent ex-wife (very happy with her current former gun club treasurer boyfriend), and all of them are willing to shoot Leto, Cinnabar, and anyone else between them and whatever it was Baxter sent Leto to get for him.

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