This story details the events in a year of the life of the main character Tiffany Bains who divorces her husband and moves to a small studio apartment in Berkeley, California. Her teenage son continues to live with her ex-husband Eric, a controlling man but a good provider, who has frequently cheated on Tiffany, leading her to feel insecure and shortchanged in the marriage.
Tiffany's foray into the singles world brings her in contact with a mixed bag of misfits and perverts, and her life swings wildly off track as she attempts to come to terms with choosing the path of least resistance: remarrying her ex-husband, marrying yet another controlling man, or learning to believe in her ability to take care of herself financially.
One of Tiffany's close friends in a similar situation has become a housewife-hooker, but this is one option Tiffany cannot consider. Finding Mr. Right will be difficult as well for a woman who no longer believes in love and doesn't trust men enough to become involved in an intimate relationship. This in no way hinders her from engaging in wild and kinky sex with the all-too-willing candidates.
Tiffany's salvation lies in her small group of loyal friends. Tiffany lives in a perpetual state of denial and spends most of her time and money on martini lunches and shopping sprees while trying to decide what to do with the rest of her life. This all comes crashing down when her son has a serious accident, which leads her to believe that he needs her at home. Her ex-husband is still in love with her and wants to remarry. The difficult decisions force her to at last think like an adult. Can this woman who has lived like a wild butterfly return to the cocoon? Or might she be free in a different way?

Published: Whitney Wellcroft on
ISBN: 9781310602269
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