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All Is Well is a compendium of life precepts towards living the meaningful life we are supposed to live as children of the universe. The writings are a reminder of some Bible statements and Jesus teachings to the ones who want to listen and are ready for it. Several poems exemplify the praxis of remaining aware in the moment to overcome daily issues. As harmonious food for the soul its uplifting poetry and some agreeable musicality provide time for remembering that which everyone already unconsciously knows. It is a recognition of the ideas of such authors as Anthony De Mello, who taught how to control the ups and downs to avoid discouragement; Eckhart Tolle’s concept of being conscious of everything that happens for us in our life; Esther and Jerry Hicks’ suggestion of living in the vortex to attract the best; Joel Goldsmith’s persistence in acknowledging God’s presence within in communion, stillness and meditation; A Course in Miracles, which espouses seeing God in every one of us ‘giving’ what we were given when we were created; Louise Hay’s teachings of loving, approving and honoring ourselves. All Is Well is an excellent present to uplift someone's heart. As my father's signature, this book encompasses broadly his positive philosophy of life. It is my inspired gift of love to the world for those wanting to live life as if in heaven now.
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ISBN: 9781452587875
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