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My life was forever changed on June 14, 1985. I was finishing my third year of medical school that summer and expecting my firstborn child in a few weeks. My idealistic world was shattered abruptly that day, and it led directly to experiencing a miracle firsthand.
It has become my mission to relate this miraculous, divine intervention to as many people as possible, and that is the basis for writing this book. It has taken me years to write about this most painful time in my life as well as the most glorious. It is still painful to even read what I have recounted here for you.
I hope that I can bring some sense of peace and understanding to people who are suffering from a lack of reasoning or explanation for what they may be going through in their own lives.
My son, Nicholas, was born unexpectedly that summer morning without any signs of life. He endured an extended cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the operating room and a prolonged intensive care unit (ICU) hospital course in a deep coma, with full life support on 100 percent oxygen.
This true story is the description of a miracle that led to his complete and sudden recovery, with no signs of brain injury or other adverse sequela. I am in a unique position to evaluate the events surrounding this miracle because of my medical background.
The purpose of this book is to bring the message of Divine love and intervention to those most in need of understanding.
The devotion to the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague has been around since the seventeenth century and will continue until the end of time. It should be no surprise that this icon of regal divinity should be found in most of our Catholic churches throughout the world, centuries after the devotion first began.
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