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Buenos Aires and the Origins of Sausse

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Buenos Aires and the Origins of Sausse is a collection of poetry. The main theme is the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, around the early noughties (2000s). At that time, the city was rocked not only by the crisis that engulfed the country’s economy, but also by a wave of euphoria, a feeling of liberation. ‘My government doesn’t pay its debts, why should I?’ The poet was a disoriented and jaded young man who had set out on a path of personal discovery, only to find that it is not destiny itself that awaits at the end of the path, but only its image, after which the real struggle begins.

Take a ride through the gritty streets of the underworld and stand alongside low-ranking drug dealers as they pedal their wares to the ever dwindling middle class porteños and the ever burgeoning European backpacking tourists.

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