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Playboys of the Caribbean: The Secrets of Hollywood Story 1

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If you love Hollywood gossip, and wonder about happens in the sex lives of the rich and famous while the cameras are off, this is a series you have to read.

Teresa Jolie counts herself as one of the luckiest women in the world. Fit, attractive and successful as one of Hollywood’s best known pubic image consultants, she has the most famous, beautiful and successful men and women in movies, TV and music on her speed dial. The most richest, hottest, most sexually adventurous people in the city of sin know Teresa by her first name.

Married bodyguard to the stars, Vic Baldwin, Teresa has it all and knows it. When Donny Beppe, voted the sexiest man alive twice in his career as a Hollywood leading man, she finds herself attracted to the onetime teen idol turned rouge of the Caribbean and wonders just what Donny wants with her husband.

When she finds out just what Donny and Vic have in common, it will lead Teresa to a night she’ll never forget.

About the Secrets of Hollywood series:
The tabloids don’t tell half of it.
Put simply the Secrets of Hollywood is a series intended to reveal the most heedless, the most lusciously depraved, the most sensually... inventive... men and women ever to walk the Earth. These are stories too white hot, too sensually delightful, too sexually graphic for TMZ to touch.
When you take the most broken, the most daring, the most extravagant people the world has to offer and wrap them in the intoxicating fame of Hollywood, the hometown of the three most decadent industries ever created (movies, music and porn), then lavish it all with more money than the greediest real housewives can imagine, the carnal spectaculars which are produced are beyond believing.
These are the thinly veiled stories this series will be telling... the ‘real’ stories behind the carefully crafted public images of Hollywood’s richest, most famous and most depraved actors, singers, power brokers and attention whores. All through the eyes of publicity expert Teresa Jolie and her bodyguard husband Vic Baldwin, your two best friends in the kingdom of sin.
You can only imagine the freedom, the access and the dark delights money, fame and influence can acquire. Until you read The Secrets of Hollywood, that is.

WARNING: This story is intended for MATURE READERS OVER 18 ONLY, and contains exciting, hot, crazy, fantasy-inducing seductions and adult sensual situations based on real Hollywood rumors. If you do not enjoy seriously hot sex, between men and women, women and other men, and women and her husband and a certain Hollywood hunk, this is not the story for you. This story contains threesome, bisexuality, and one woman enjoying the pleasures of two strong, confident, exploring men.

If that IS your fantasy, you’ve come to the right story.

This is a story for MMF threesome lovers, including bisexuality, ménage a troi, mate sharing, and did we say hot, hot, hot sex. If you don’t like crazy hot threesome sex, or emotionally real and connected characters, this isn’t your story.

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