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There are three books in the Trilogy. The protagonist is an adorable donkey named Hee-Haw. In this book, he travels to Israel to find out how Hanukkah came about. In the second book, Hee-Haw travels to Bethlehem, Israel, to find out the story of Christmas. The third book, relates his travel to England and Ireland to find out all about Halloween. Three adorable books, with color illustrations, will inform children about these three holidays and how they came about. Best of all, the three stories are each accompanied by an original song with lyrics. They can be heard by going to Maria’s link on her web page. Individually, each book will absolutely fascinate your child and, along with the song, will provide a most entertaining adventure. The Holiday Trilogy should make a wonderful gift for children, ages four through eight, 4-8 years of age for any time of the year.
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