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This time Amelia's family has moved from California to the middle of Canada, after losing Grandma Lorraine. Her Grandma was Amelia’s confidante, who she misses very much. She was always there for her when Amelia was teased in school for having pinkish eyes, with too pale hair and skin.

Besides her new pet, Amelia does manage to make a human friend named Monica, who Amelia’s sister introduces her to. In class they have an assignment to interview a senior citizen. Amelia helps Monica with her assignment, and when she finally interviews a senior of her own, she gains a good friend and a drama coach, Bea Fenton.

But it is another interview with Bea and Amelia that gains international exposure. The Newcastles' opinionated Nana, in England, hears the interview, recognizes Beatrice from long ago, and considers matters with her ‘poor dears’ in Stratford. Just about the same time as the owner of ‘Grandma,’ the pooch, turns up, to make matters worse.

This is the first of the GRANDMA series. Grandgirl. is coming to all participating retailers soon.

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