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The Protocol, A Prescription to Die is a startlingly prophetic medical thriller by John P. Goetz and is the latest page turner in his Eat Teague novel series. John P. Goetz's medical suspense thriller has been described as, "Ayn Rand meets Dean Koontz at a Twilight Zone gathering with Michael Crichton, Stephen King, and Robin Cook." The Protocol, A Prescription to Die poses the questions, "What if the government assigned value to individuals and controlled whether a person could live or die?" "What if the elderly and infirm became targets of a government authority tasked with a mandate to test and determine treatment only if medical costs somehow justify their benefits?" "What if you are prescribed The Protocol, a prescription to die?" The Protocol, A Prescription to Die has all of the elements of a medical thriller, horror story, and intellectual journey. After reading this novel, you will never think about medicine, healthcare, or government in the same way ever again.
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ISBN: 9781623090081
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