The novel about Philip and Colette Waldgrave. He is the man with the million pound plan She is the glamorous wife, starting to realise, that she need to change her life.With great care they choose the men and women needed. What is left is to find the figurehead. The person on whom the whole business will stand or fall, as someone might be apprehended, tried and sent to prison for years. after the planned collapse of Phil Waldgrave high profile film business investment company.There are two main candidates - Robin Silverbirch, a likeable, presentable, near bankrupt man with many disasters behind him, - or the highly respected company director, Charles Cross, a friend from childhood, whose life has taken a sudden downward turn.Events start spinning out of control. Charles meets the love of his life, an over-the-hill Danish porn star. The police approaches Robin with an offer he and his wife has to consider seriously - and Colette starts skilfully to force Phil into an attractive young women's arms.SINCERE DECEIT has a cast of lovingly observed modern real-life characters and anintelligent tale, with a surprising ending.
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ISBN: 9781939389299
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