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The Great Plains is a good place for many Americans to settle. Its unpredictable weather patterns have always been difficult for meteorologist to forecast, however the citizens continue to come in droves to make it their home. The state capitol is Lexington, located in the center of the state. About a two hour drive on the interstate is Mount Olive, a bustling community of about 45,000 residents.

A former Navy man named Lt. Tony Langel, works for the Mount Olive Police Department’s Detective Division. He investigates an assortment of criminal cases. This case involves plans to disrupt the construction of a nuclear power plant. Unscrupulous individuals plot to cause massive destruction to the facility and collateral damage to the city.

Tony assigns an undercover agent to infiltrate the group of saboteurs. Follow the path that leads to a lot of pressure on the police department to do it’s best to protect the good citizens from what is about to happen.

There will be mystery, intrigue, murder and a series of interesting events that will provide you with a ride of a lifetime. Be thankful that law enforcement personnel like Tony are protecting your community. Are you safe from terrorists?

Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781491732755
List price: $3.99
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