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On April 17, 1993, after an Australian Football League match between St. Kilda and Collingwood marred by racist chanting, victorious St. Kilda star Nicky Winmar faced the opposition fans, lifted his shirt and, pointing to his chest, declared, “I’m black and I’m proud to be black.” The moment was immortalized by photographers Wayne Ludbey and John Feder and forced Australian football and its fans to confront deeply held prejudices. This chronicle documents the events that led to that pivotal moment, narrating the stories of the players and photographers and their experiences in the lead-up to and aftermath of the match. This is a fascinating, thought-provoking account of the interrelation between sport and race in Australia and is essential reading for any sports enthusiast or student of Australian history.

Published: University of New South Wales Press an imprint of Independent Publishers Group on
ISBN: 9781742241661
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