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Never, Never Give Up

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This book is designed to help us become both patient and persevering. We’ll study dozens of specific instructions on perseverance from the Word of God. This book also contains some inspiring stories of people who have succeeded because they persevered. We’ll learn how to appropriate the strength and ability of Almighty God to persevere when human strength and ability are insufficient. I’ll explain what it means to wait on the Lord. We’ll see how the Word of God instructs us to build ourselves up spiritually while we’re waiting for our Father to answer our prayers. I’ll explain how to get up when we’re knocked down. We’ll study God’s Word to see what it says about perseverance and prayer. Finally, we’ll look into the holy Scriptures to see what they say about the blessings our Father provides for His children who persevere in faith. This book contains almost 300 Scripture references on patience, endurance and perseverance. I can tell you from personal experience that continual study and meditation on these Scripture references has helped me to become much more patient and persevering. I didn’t write this book because I have been gifted with patience since birth. Instead, as I realized how impatient I was, I became very determined to study God’s Word to learn everything I could about patience, endurance and perseverance. I learned a lot and my patience, endurance and perseverance improved.

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