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How to Create a Bukkit Minecraft Server

A Simple Guide to Install a Server on Windows 8 Platform

No experience required -- to install a Bukkit Minecraft Server on Windows 8.

You can install your own Minecraft server with the easy to follow instructions in this book. If you want your children to experience the world of Minecraft in a safe environment where you control whom they interact with but you don't know where to start, the safest and securest environment is to build your own server.

DURING THE 1970's late night TV News Buffalo public service announcement asked the question, "Do you know where your children are?" The somber question was usually asked around 11:00PM every night as a reminder to parents that it was curfew time. You can ask the same question today when you allow your children to participate in online gaming over the internet, "Do you know where your children are?" The difference today is that your children are freely roaming the information highway's virtual streets right in your own home. You give your children a computer with internet access they can logon to a public server and interact with complete strangers anywhere around the world.

When you allow your children to play unsupervised on public servers you don't know with whom they are interacting with. By creating your own server you can control their online gaming environment.

How to Create a Bukkit Minecraft Server is a simple guide to show you how to install a Minecraft server on Windows 8 platform.

In this guide you will discover how to:

*Run the Minecraft Server on Windows 8
*Configure the Server Files
*Use Port Forwarding
*Review Windows 8 IP Configuration
*Find Your Default Gateway
*Login to Your Router
*Configure Your Port Forwarding Rules
*Open a Port
*Setup a Static IP Address for Windows 8
*Open Port Check Tool
*Create Your Own Hostname with NOIP

Why Build Your Own Server?

When you create your own server, you can control who your children interact with online through the game. This includes who they play against and most importantly who they communicate with during online gaming chat. With your own server you can prescreen opponents and players to confirm they are safe, and appropriate for your children to engage in online gaming with.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Why This Book
Why Create Your Own Server
The CraftBukkit Server
Safe Gaming Environment
What is Minecraft
Chapter Two: CraftBukkit (Bukkit) vs. Vanilla
Chapter Three: Install a CraftBukkit Server on Windows 8 Platform
Determine Your RAM
Control Panel
Can I Host a Minecraft Server
Verify and Install the Latest Version of Java 7
Download the 64 bit Version
Download the CraftBukkit Recommended Build
Create a Bukkit Server Folder
Create the Batch File
How to Allocate More RAM
Trouble Shooting the Run.bat file
Command Prompt
Troubleshooting Starting the New Server
Review the Server Properties File
Start the Minecraft Launcher
Create a New Profile in Your Minecraft Launcher
The server.log
The server properties
The banned-ips.txt
The server.properties File Settings
The banned-players.txt
The ops.txt
The white-list.txt
The server.properties File Settings
Enter Users in the white-list.txt file
Port Forwarding
What's Your Router
Review Windows IP Configuration
Find Your Default Gateway for Your Internet Connection
Login to Your Router
Find Your Port Forwarding
Port Forwarding Rules
Configure Your Port Forwarding Rules
Use Port 25565
Static vs Dynamic IP Address
How to Setup a Static IP Address
Set up a Static IP Address for Windows 8
Trouble Shooting Port Forwarding
Trouble Shooting the DNS Server Addresses
Allow a Program Through Windows Firewall or Antivirus
Software Firewalls
Run t

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