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Andromeda Fox: Deathbringer

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Deathbringer is the first book in the contemporary Andromeda Fox mystery series by author Magda Jozsa. Andromeda (Andy) is the son of wealthy real estate tycoon Chalmers Fox. He lives in a luxury apartment in St Kilda with Mathilda (Tildy) Harris, ostensibly employed as his bodyguard (Thanks to his sister having been abducted and killed some ten years earlier). He's a carefree irresponsible idler living on a generous allowance from his parents and indulging in his passion for art.
Then, when his father is targeted by a killer known only as Deathbringer, he and Mathilda set out to find Deathbringer's identity and protect Fox Senior. As his father isn't confiding in his family, Andy astonishes him by coming to work for him as way of keeping tabs on him and providing an opportunity to search his office for information. They learn that Deathbringer has a pay or die policy with direct threats made against the Fox family. During the course of their investigation they notice that at every money drop there is an elderly couple, nuns and schoolchildren, with the oldies at the top of the list due to their suspicious behaviour.
Seeming to fail at every point, they soon realize they are getting close when an attempt is made on Tildy's life. It is a mad dash at the end when Mathilda finally figures it all out, leading to a desperate dash across Melbourne to save the lives of Andy's parents.
Throughout it all, Andy & Mathilda start to see each other in a different light and Andy surprises everyone by becoming a responsible mature adult much to the delight of his father.

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