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Hannah Hopkins is on the journey of a lifetime. As part of a small wagon train heading to California in 1897, she and her father know that their new life will be filled with adventure, new horizons, and hardship. When Hannah is the victim of unwanted advances, she is callously shunned by their traveling companions. Worse, her beloved father, a respected physician, dies along the trail after a brief illness.

Heartbroken and afraid, the grieving daughter is forced off the wagon train and abandoned to a nightmare. She finds herself the prisoner of an old couple who rob and abuse her. But one day when her captors tie her to the back of the wagon and leave her unattended in town while running errands, a guardian angel in the form of a five-year-old boy comes to her rescue.

In this small town, Hannah meets Dr. Tim O’Riley, who treats her injuries—only to be forced into a marriage of convenience by uncontrollable circumstances. A defiant Hannah vows that she will never allow any man to dominate her again. Her new husband, a good man, only wants to love her and care for her. Tim respects her hesitations and keeps his distance until his new bride is ready.

To the eyes of the world, theirs is a marriage made in heaven, but to Hannah it still seems that she has lost her freedom. Can she lower her guard to ever trust again, or will the scars of her past keep her alone and never allow her to have her way?

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