Good for Nothing, is about various characters whose lives have been impacted by lover's, sibling's their parent's or society itself. The book starts off with the story of a woman named Remy and her daughter Aniejaa. a locked up baby daddy named Tyrell and his mom Miss. Ilena. Remy meet's Baeb at a nightclub and become's friend's with him. Shortly after Christina's introduced with her daughter Kayla and her daughter's father Brian, her little sister Angela as well as their father John.
Afterwards the reader is lured into the life of Laquisha, her uncle Nash and her greedy, thieving lover Honesty. Laquisha is a female pimp, who was raised as a warden of the state. She was taught the pimp game by her uncle. Nash is a controlling dominating infamous pimp, who beat's on his girlfriend Keisha who moved from New-Orleans after losing her home and job to hurricane Katrina.
Kamia's also another character in the story that has problems with a jealous acting mother Vivian and pedophile father Leon. Although she's had a few relationships with men, she carries on a secret relationship with a female named Jade who has a sister named Nicole who's always trying to break Kamia's and Jade's up. At some point Kamia is introduced to her friend Pink's cousin Clip. Who also has a story of his own about his past and the hell he went through.
Good For Nothing, guides it's reader's into understanding that it's not so much as where you’re from that can dictate your future, but also what you've been put through in life. Which can dictate what path a person might end up taking, depending on what they choose to do with the situation they find themselves in. Rather they are going to turn out to be Good for Nothing or try to find a way to become Good for Something.
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