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The Killing Desert

153 pages2 hours


1888 - Mojave Desert. A simmering hundred and forty degrees in a dry waterless wasteland. So unbelievably hot you could fry eggs on a flat rock.
The man who stumbles out of the desert and into ex-Cavalry scout Cody Hartford’s campsite, drinks his canteen dry and then leaves behind a lot more than either of them bargain for. Trouble follows Cody as he walks into a case of mistaken identity, a lynch mob and an unhinged Wells Fargo detective with a deadly gun and madness in mind.
Forced to light out with a indentured Irish girl, Cody has to navigate a killing path through the desert to avoid a hell-bent posse and a murderous gunman who’s lost his heart and is crazy in love. There’ll be a lot of blood on the desert sand if Cody is to escape them all and leave the Mojave with his own heart still beating.

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