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As I see it, and as I saw it as I was putting together/writing the poems in this book, it is a poet's job, whether vocation or avocation, to open himself up as wide as possible spiritually, emotionally, and most importantly linguistically so that he may be "peered thru". Poems can be kaleidoscopic in their nature or simple (see R. Frost here), and some like K. Gibran, can broaden the domain to not only include the language and culture in which they were written, but a wider context, encompassing more than just those in close proximity.
What I had hoped do with Keyhole is show the light on the Inside of us, where if we look closely, as we might at a small spider on our finger, we are in awe, reverent, and thankful.
I feel passionately about this book, because I think it does show, exemplify, that the more honest we are, the more universal we are. And that sense of open-ended truths is what connects us as humans far more than our battles, angers, or griefs.
Perhaps, Honesty is the doorway we humans seek more so than Truth...

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