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Archie's Antiques Mystery Puzzles: Book 2

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Archie’s Antiques Mystery Puzzles: Book 2

Archie’s Antiques is a charming fictional antique shop set in a small town somewhere in Australia. And inside Archie’s are a wonderful group of characters: Sam, the knowledgeable owner of Archie’s, his clever friend, the retired policeman, Edward Destranger, and his young niece, Sandra. Also, you will find a surfeit of mysteries and puzzles.

Archie’s not only attracts all sorts of curious questions but also interesting people. It welcomes through its doors a parade of charlatans, frauds, and pranksters, who arrive with a variety of dishonest schemes and ingenious tricks. It also attracts ordinary townsfolk and Sam’s family and friends. Who bring their troubles and problems through its door in search of answers.

Robin Hillard’s Archie’s Antiques Mystery Puzzles books each contain twenty-eight small mysteries, or puzzles, that the shop’s staff, and you, the reader, can investigate and solve.

The mysteries in these books often include intriguing snippets of general knowledge that may entice you to look deeper into things, or they may involve exposing the type of scams that can easily take in the unwary.

As Sam, Edward, Sandra; their family and friends; and Archie’s customers struggle with these mysteries, you can try to match your brains against theirs in finding a way around every problem and a solution to every mystery.

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