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The Unbroken

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Jerome has been the gatekeeper of his own personal homemade hell. Beating young Jabari constantly without no mercy, starving him, and treating him he isn't worth more than a mangy mutt out in the streets, but Jabari has a plan. Keeping his head held high with the wind at his back rocking chuck tailors, and outgrown washed out clothes from 5 years ago he's not backing down anymore. Over the years he's learned to survive and roll with the punches that life throws him without complaining but more so regret for not taking a stand sooner. Finding his balance between reality and going completely insane isn't going to be easy, but Jabari has the drive to be more than the loser his father has raised him to be. As lies unravels the threads of the wicked world around him he begins to see the world for what it really is. After finding a cell phone in the mall that belonged to "drug runner" he begins his life as a delivery boy for some of the biggest drug dealers in the city and all hell breaks loose. He falls under the wings of Uncle Tommy whom he believes is more than his boss, but also his friend. Trusting snakes becomes the biggest mistake he's ever made as his life soon becomes on the line in his rush for the crown. Will he become the street king, and achieve revenge for the betrayal and lost lives of his friends, or will he fall short of his big reach and land face first in a dirt nap 6ft under ground?

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